Clay winning

The Cuthills have very kindly allowed us to to dig clay from their land. We cleaned and tested it, to see if we could actually use it (see another post) and now this is the process we go to to get the clay. 

The drive up the hill

I stop here so that we can get back down the hill.

When we first went, the clay pit was overgrown, but after ferocious storms in the winter of 2009/2010 the seawall required repair - and so 30000 tonnes of clay was used. this means that digging clay for us is relatively easy, as a large open cliff face was dug out.

Rain worked clay, with roots

It is still pretty heavy work 
Bagging up the clay
The car is an inconvenient distance away...

Many of the country potteries would have installed rail tracks to push trucks on, as clay is extremely heavy, and they were using a lot of it.
That is probably just less than 300kg of clay