Our pot range

Here are examples of the pots for sale at the Fife Farmers Markets we attend a few times a year at St Andrews and Cupar. Some pots are also at The Cheesery in Dundee.

Our pots are made using unblended, local clay from Easter Kincaple near St Andrews. See 'Our clay story' for more information. The clay is dug and cleaned by us. For the white decoration, we use a ball clay from Devon. We use two glazes, both using a lead bisilicate frit and flint. The clear glaze uses the ball clay, while the honey glaze uses our clay, which introduces iron into the mix. Our glazes are tested in a laboratory in Stoke on Trent.

In the spirit of the old country potters, our pots have lots of character through making marks: splodges, roughness, splashes, finger prints, squint handles and what many might consider imperfections. A bit like life, really. 

For special occasions, all pots can be decorated by Christine with text and images. Plenty of time needs to be given for any commission. This normally means four weeks, but occasionally things can be done a little quicker, such as when we have the requested pot already made but as yet unfired - so please ask. 

The pencil or the line in the pictures measures 10cm and gives a good guide to the size of the pots.
Coffee mug - £6
Tea mug - £7

Cup and saucer - £12
Loving cup - £9 (plain),  £18 (with writing)
Standard beermug - £9
Beermug with motto £18
Beermugs with motto £18
Caraffe and beakers
Beakers,  small £4, medium £4 and large £5
Caraffe/ vase - £11
Teapot -  £32 (two cup), £42 (four cup) 
Plates -  7" side (£8), 10" lunch (£14),  12" dinner (£18)
Pancheon - £4-£28 (eight different sizes) 
Pancheons - £4-£28 (eight different sizes)
Colander - £18 - £56 (five different sizes)
Oatcake box - £44
Butter dish (square) - £29
Lidded dishes - suitable as casseroles - £12-£26 (four sizes)
Love heart dish - £4-£14 (four sizes)
Olive dish - £8
Round dish -£4-£14 (four sizes)
Lasagne dish - £5-£43 (four sizes)
Storage jar - £5-£64 (six sizes)
Spaghetti jar - £23
Salt pigs and money boxes - £5 - £21 (five sizes - the size up from the smallest one is missing here)
Jugs - £6-£42 (six sizes)
Jug with lid £18-£21 (two sizes)

Meat roll jar - Standard text £21: Bespoke text £31
Cutlery  drainer - £18

Special Bear bowl set - from £80