We love pots because of the way they play such an intimate part in our lives, especially around mealtimes.

Central to what we do is our clay, which Sean digs from a location close to St Andrews, at the site of Seafield Pottery Brick and Tile Works. This is fairly unusual for potters to do this now, whereas it used to be the norm. Once cleaned and prepared, it is made into lovely warm pots for the home; and Christine decorates some of them. Sean also makes garden pots, currently using a commercially mixed clay from Valentines. We are inspired by the old country potters and are interested in revisiting old ideas to see how they can be used today while keeping abreast of new ideas on sustainability. 

We are also influenced by our teaching work at the University of Dundee. Our enthusiasm for our pottery and for making things has meant we have met lots of interesting people through activities such as our farmers market, museum visits, pottery visits and digital networking. We occasionally hold pottery classes, write articles and papers, create promotional literature, blogs and websites. Christine also does live graphic illustration at events and conferences. 

You can see us and buy our pots at the St Andrews Farmers Market on the first Saturday of every month. Some of our pots are available at The Cheesery in Dundee, which is well worth a visit for their fantastic cheese! Our YouTube Channel shows some videos of how we make our pots. We also have a Facebook page.